Дэниэл Рэдклифф рассказал о проблемах с алкоголем

Daniel Radcliffe admitted he had a drinking problem while filming the sixth part of Harry Potter. At that time the boy the teenager was very difficult to cope with the sudden popularity and big money.

“I went to the school and could not get rid of the thought of being watched. In my case, the fastest way to forget was to drink. But when I was drunk, I knew that people were looking at me even more, because I’m very drunk. And I drank even more to ignore it already,” he told Dan recently in an interview with Sam Jones. Plus, as he admitted, he felt guilty for what was not a happy 24 hours 7 days a week. “You have a great job, you’re rich, you have no right to be in awe of this constantly. It is also pressure. And I suddenly started to think: “If I feel simple human emotions such as sadness, is it wrong? I’m not good enough to be famous?””.

But now Daniel is feeling much better. In 2010, the actor got rid of bad habits. In this he was helped by friends. “I was very lucky with the people that were around me. They just gave me great tips and really cared about me. But in the end it was my decision. I woke up one morning and thought, “this is Probably not good.”

And recently, the actor spoke about how he met his beloved! Daniel told about this to show People TV’s Couch Surfing. On the Internet it was even rumoured that the star of “Harry Potter” made sweetheart Erin Darke offer.

In 2013 came the film “Kill your darlings” with Daniel Radcliffe and Dane dehaan a, in which the actor and met his sweetheart. Since the stars did not leave. It turns out that the couple met during the intimate scenes in the library. “It will be difficult to tell this story to our future children,” he shared.

Western tabloids for some time promoted by the news that the star of “Harry Potter” have already purchased an engagement ring for his sweetheart and proposed to her.

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