Дэниел Редклифф не исключает возвращения Гарри Поттера

Daniel Radcliffe will not give up again to play Harry Potterif he shows any scenario. About it, referring to the words of the actor, reported the BBC.

In a recent interview, the British actor said that it is not excluded that again will play “the boy who lived”.
“Everything will depend on the scenario. The circumstances must be extraordinary. When I say this, I think of Harrison Ford and Han Solo. So while I say “no”, but do not exclude that this may happen in the future,” said 26-year-old artist.
Radcliffe (if there is on our planet people who don’t know) played a major role in the film series about the wizard Harry Potter, removed on motives of novels written by the British writer J. K. Rowling.

Soon to be released spin-off franchise “Fantastic beasts and their habitats” with Eddie Redmana in the title role. This story tells about the events that took place 70 years before the birth of Harry.
In November last year, Daniel said that he is very pleased that the completion of the film project, he immediately offered adult roles and that he’s not stuck in the role of a teenager, as sometimes happens. Maybe that’s why Radcliffe refused to play the main role in the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed child”, which should be a continuation of the main story.
“Jamie Parker – a wonderful actor and I am very happy that he got this role. I just think that to sit in the audience and watch the play from the audience will be very interesting and relaxing” — said the actor.

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