Daniel Pluzhnikov sang in front of Putin

Данил Плужников спел перед Путиным

This week in Sochi, the winner of the show “the Voice. Children” managed to get an apartment, to sing a hymn of Russia, and the holidays – cold.

We called the mother of 14-year-old singer Irina to congratulate the boy with a resounding victory in the main vocal of the project countries and return home and learned that He got sick.

“Yes, immediately after returning from Moscow Danya’s temperature rose to 38.5°C was squeezing his throat, he found it very difficult to speak, called the doctor. Of course he’s tired: contest, interview, meeting, way back home. My son is better, thanks for the concern. The day before yesterday and even sang the Russian national anthem before a gala match Night hockey League (by the way, the winning team of this tournament was played by President Vladimir Putin, who on this day, he scored 8 goals – approx. Woman’s Day). Made, as always, excellent,” says the mother.

This week for the winner of the show “the Voice. The children have been incredibly emotional. Every day the boy painted and full of different pleasant events.

When the family returned from Moscow, they organized what is called, a meeting with the orchestra. Were all his friends, relatives, classmates, teachers center, where he is involved, representatives of the city administration. All came with bright balloons and posters “Daniel is the best!” and “Congratulations!”. And as soon as Dan showed up at the airport, the chorus sound of the song “Two eagles”!

“Dan was so happy! He missed friends, of course. But to stay long in the arrivals hall we are unable, relatives took us home. And on the road again in late may. We fly to Moscow we were invited for the award “Philanthropist”, where Dan was one of the winners. And while all of the plans for the next few days associated with Sochi. Danya constantly invited to some events. So long have no time to rest,” says mom.

And at this solemn meeting to Irina called the mayor of Sochi, congratulated and presented apartment! “Now we live in Adler, and conditions have to be very good. And the new apartment – Studio, in the Central district. The house is still under construction, they say that delivery will be in December”.

Daniel and today is another important day. Again a solemn ceremony in Sochi, where he is one of the main characters. In the framework of the charity program “cultural Treasure of the nation” he was awarded certificates for the development of creative and vocal abilities on completion of the course of rehabilitation. This money is vitally important for him, because he was born with a very rare disease of the skeletal system.

Recall the story of Dani Pluzhnikova. Despite the limited possibilities of health (in his 14 years he has a height of 98 cm and a long list of congenital diseases), a talented boy from Adler – winner of numerous music competitions, awards and now in its kitty and the title of winner of the main vocal of the project countries.

Daniel is studying in a normal school, and also in the center of additional education “the Host”. This passion for music is no accident – mother by training a pianist, but never by profession did not work, and now retired, my father in his youth played on percussion instruments in vocal-instrumental ensembles. At 9 years old, Daniel decided to go to learn to play the keyboard and take vocal lessons. But after a while it became a soloist of the vocal ensemble “Elegy”.

Daniel leaves no one indifferent: the movie with his room in the blind auditions has accumulated over five million views, and congratulations and gratitude to his parents continue to accept the thousands.

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