Daniel Pluzhnikov has broken a new record!

Данил Плужников побил новый рекорд!

First, it turned out that his clip with the song “they beat Us, we fly!” hits record hits, and then he became a laureate of the prestigious international award.

“#Holostei-3 – new record! On the official YouTube channel of the project for more than two million times watched a performance by Daniel Pluzhnikova with the song “they beat Us, we fly”! Keep it up!”, says the official show community in the social network. To be exact – for today’s 2 054 244 viewing!

Congratulations on the record from their fans Pluzhnikov took in Moscow – this week 14-year-old singer along with the mother spends in the capital.

Settled in the hotel, and the boy instantly priovolos all the attention! Walked out of the room – then a selfie with the fans, went down for Breakfast – and then have to give out autographs! But Daniel always says that his glory is not annoying.

Now Daniel is involved in big events charity award “Philanthropist”, the winner of which the Express has become this year. And just a couple of hours ago it said in the nomination “Rising hope” (the international prize is awarded for outstanding achievements of invalids in culture and art – approx. Woman’s Day). Among the winners in the category Daniel – Finnish dancer in a wheelchair, Ricky long, girl Taiwan Kuo-Wei Chi, dancing, having neither feet nor hands. They gave a certificate for a cash prize and a diploma.

Ahead the boy still scheduled prize program excursions in Moscow and other activities.

And on the eve Pluzhnikov visited the anniversary concert of the group “Neposedy at the concert hall “Russia” (broadcast on “the First channel” June 1 – approx. Woman’s Day). And behind the scenes met with Oleg Gazmanov! They talked, took pictures. To Daniel, Oleg, even reverent attitude – after all, the boy was in the show “the Voice” with the way he performed the song Gazmanov “Two eagles”.

“Today, on the anniversary of the group “Neposedy” met with @danil_pluzhnikov. Very glad that he is in demand, although work on the stage and hops – it’s hard, especially for him. We wish him good luck! He is a great man, a true warrior,” wrote Gazmanov on his page.

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