Daniel Craig will avenge the death of his wife

Дэниел Крейг отомстит за смерть жены
Marital happiness James bond was short-lived.

Daniel Craig


The creators of the next film, which is still the code name “bond
25” is about the adventures of agent
007, furious. The fact that there was a leak of information, and the Network got
the details strictly secret plot of their movies that are still in
stage prettyebony training.

As it became known, this time in the life of the famous spy and playboy
James bond, which again will play Daniel Craig, will be extremely
important event: he parted with single status. However, his happiness will
short-lived. Beloved wife of the 007 would be killed, and he will do anything to
to avenge her death.

A villain, which will
to find and destroy the bond, would be a criminal mastermind, standing in
Chapter secret organization called “the Union”. But the interesting thing is that the enemy
the famous spy, has an outstanding intellect, will be completely
blind! That, however, did not prevent him to be deadly…

We recall the fact that he agreed to play 007 again, Craig
confirmed only recently,
TV show Stephen Colbert. The fact that at the end of filming the previous
film — “Spectrum”, the actor said that “most
slit my wrists than play bond”. And then, although he was tempted
huge fee for a long time shied away from a direct answer — he changed his mind
or not. Now he finally definitely said he would again play bond. But most likely, it will be
for the last time.