Дэниела Крейга соблазняют невероятно большим гонораром
The actor may play James bond twice more.

Daniel Craig

Photo: Instagram.com

As it became known, Daniel
Craig suggested a whopping fee for him to come back on the set
site of the movie series about the agent 007. Representatives of the film Studio Sony, one of the main beneficiaries on the
the shooting of the franchise, Craig has promised as much as $ 150 million to
agreed to star in two movies about James bond. It is reported that Daniel
inclined to accept this incredibly generous offer. About it
according to the Internet portal Radar.online.

Craig played bond already
four times: the last time he appeared on screen in this role in the film “Spectrum”
(2015). And, even then, he was recognized as “the most expensive bond ever,”
after all, his work in this project is 60 million. For comparison, the maximum
the amount received by Sean Connery in 1971 for her role in “Diamonds are forever”
was just 6.7 million. And pierce Brosnan, who played 007 before
Craig, earned for her role in the film “Die another day” only 16.5 million…

By the way, this spring
years Daniel has tried to seduce a large fee, offering him 100
million. But then he firmly rejected the proposal, declaring he “rather
gonna slit my wrists than be back playing bond”. However, on reflection, Craig
made another statement: “If I go along again for this role, only
for the money”. And the producers took his words as a hint that suggested
too little and decided to raise the bar even higher…

If Craig is predicted
will the proposed $ 150 million, it will be a severe disappointment for
many of his colleagues in the film industry. After all, while everyone thought that after declarations
Daniel the role of bond-free, for it broke a serious struggle. Main
contender until recently was considered a boyfriend of Taylor swift, British
actor Tom Hiddleston. Among other candidates were Idris Elba, Thomas hardy and
other actors. But now all of them seem to have to be patient — at least
for a few years…