Daniel Craig refused to play James bond, even for $100 million

Дэниел Крейг отказался играть Джеймса Бонда даже за $100 миллионов

Daniel Craig in role of James bond, we still will not see. The actor finally declined the offer the creators of “James bond” to take part in it. Couldn’t a star of insurgents to influence even the promised fee in the amount of $ 100 million.

Daniel Craig played James bond since 2005. The actor has appeared in four films about the Agent 007 and received the total fee of 57 million dollars.

Now the place of James bond vacant. According to rumors it may take another representative of the British film school – Tom Hiddleston.

So far this is just a rumor, but it is known that the star mini-series “the Night clerk” is interested in the role and recognized that it would be my honor to embody the image of the legendary agent 007.


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