Daniel Craig may lose the role of James bond

Дэниел Крейг может лишиться роли Джеймса Бонда
The film’s producer said that its patience is wearing thin.

Daniel Craig


According to the website pagesix.com producer
Barbara Broccoli has started to seriously doubt that her Studio will be able to remove
the next film about James bond with Daniel Craig in the lead role. “I don’t
going to sit and wait, when he deigns to break away from their cases to us
come! “— said recently Broccoli. The fact is that although Craig some time ago
gave to understand that he is close to sign a contract, so still not
gave its final consent.

“I better get to their
business…” — said Barbara and to a limit have filled in your schedule and other
projects. As a result, at the moment, she is busy producing two
other movies and one theatrical play. So if you now Daniel,
finally dare, now he will have to wait until freed Broccoli,
if not to give way to another actor. For those wishing to take this place
more than enough.

From the beginning his desire
to play bond in the next film, said Tom hardy, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and many others. However, according to Craig —
it was an absolute favorite as Broccoli and other representatives of the company. So
producer Callum McDougall said some time ago: “We all love
Daniel and wanted him to come back…”

Recall that at the end
the filming of the previous films about the agent 007 — “Spectrum”, Craig asked shocked
all a statement. “I’d rather slit my wrists than be back to play bond!” —
he said then. However, since then his view has clearly changed — after
he was offered 150 million dollars for the fact that he played
famous spy two more times. “Sounds like Craig loves money is stronger than hate
Bond!” — commented on the situation then learn about this film critics…