Daniel Craig made a surprise announcement

Дэниел Крэйг сделал неожиданное заявление
The actor surprised his fans.

Дэниел Крэйг сделал неожиданное заявление

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Over the past
a year is hardly the most discussed topic in the overseas press, writing about the movie, was
question: who will be the next James bond. After all, Daniel Craig strongly
rejected the possibility of his return, saying that “he would rather open a vein,
than again playing bond”. About it reported the Internet-the website of The Sun.

the actor has puzzled everyone with unexpected confession, which was made at an event organized by
edition New Yoker. When Craig, answering questions from reporters about their plans, said: “as to whether I will still play bond, I was clearly wrong
understood. It was and still is the best job in the world. And I don’t intend to abandon
she as long as will be able to do it!” “And what about your words about
opened veins?” — surprised journalists. What Daniel said: “the Time for the interview
was then chosen very poorly. I have just finished a tough shooting once
the bond movie. And the only thing I then wanted to hurry and get
home and rest. Anything else I even could not think…”

detractors claim the actor, the sudden change of Craig ,
most likely, influenced the offer made to it recently, producers James bond.
Craig allegedly promised for his return to the set in
the role of agent 007 an incredible sum — $ 150 million. That is more than two
times more than the fee of Daniel’s received in recent
day bond movie. But according to the size of this fee Craig has already been named “the most
expensive bond in the history of cinema”…

incidentally, although the statement of Craig extremely pleased fans of the actor, it is
caused a burning frustration from other numerous applicants for this
the role, which has now lost any hope to be able to reincarnate
in bond. Among the failed candidates was a former PAL Taylor swift, Tom Hiddleston, and Tom hardy, and Idris Elba, and even Gillian Anderson, which,
allegedly dreamed of becoming a leading lady, if
removed will be the female version of adventures of agent 007.

Photo: Outnow