Daniel Craig has admitted that he dreams again to seduce Monica Bellucci

Дэниел Крейг признался, что мечтает снова соблазнить Монику Беллуччи
The actress has intrigued fans with his answer.

Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci on set


Daniel Craig
said recently: he just wants to make Monica Bellucci agreed again
to play one of the girlfriends of his character in new film James bond. However, the creators of
the film is still kept secret — signed already, the actress’s contract to participate in
next, the 25th on account of the famous franchise, or not. When reporters approached the actress,
which arrived in Rome to get their next movie awards, the answer is Monica
on the question of whether it will become again a bond girl that sounded rather vague. It
said that can not yet neither confirm, nor deny this information.

fans Bellucci still cherish the hope that she would agree. After the appearance of
Monica’s last film — in the role of Italian widow of the killer of Lucia Siarry,
became the mistress of the bond, was very successful. Although fans of the actress was
upset that she received so little from their point of view, of screen time. Now
they dream that the writers provided for her role more

By the way,
in the event of consent, Bellucci had the chance to beat his
your own record. After all, in the previous film she was the most “adult” of
all charmed them ever girlfriends of James bond. At the time she had turned
51 years old, and now at 53 she can update his previous achievement.

for Craig, who, incidentally, itself only relatively recently
their consent again to suit up as 007, and he has
the opportunity to set a new record. Agreeing to star in the film, which
while carries code name “bond 25”, it could be the record for
length of time in the role of agent 007 for 13 years. Craig to honor longer
all to play bond was awarded to Roger Moore.