Дэниел Крейг впервые публично подтвердил, что сыграет Бонда еще один раз!
No more rumors – British actor personally answered the question about his participation in the filming of a new movie about the agent 007.

Daniel Craig in role of James bond


Apparently? the producers of the James bond series really put the heat on stubborn Daniel Craig and he not only finally agreed to play bond in the 25th account anniversary film, but also deigned publicly to the whole world to voice their agreement. It happened on the super popular American evening TV show, where the British actor was invited as a guest. And he agreed, although, as you know, hates these events. And when the host Stephen Colbert asked him bluntly: “Daniel Craig returns you to the role of James bond?”, star replied, “Yes.” The Studio exploded with applause of the audience who attended the show.

Though one-word answer, but unambiguous. Now the actor is unlikely to be able to continue fooling the poor producers, almost two years since the release of “Spectrum” in 2015, imploring Craig to continue. Shortly after the release of the last film, Craig stated that “rather slit my wrists” than again agree to play 007. And one day he blurted out that if they agree, “only for very big money”.

The show’s host was quick to take advantage of the unexpected frankness of the actor and asked him if he has no regrets about his statements. What subdued star admitted that he certainly could respond to all these questions that he asked in nervous first days after the release of “Spectrum” “a few with more dignity” and to say something much more elegant, but instead “misspoke”. Craig also answered a question about “the price issue”, leading and assuring that it is not about the money. He made the decision solely “on the basis of deeply personal reasons,” not having the fee is irrelevant. He confirmed that the anniversary bond movie ( he still has no name, as the creators of “James bond” has always proceeded from the fact that the title depends only slightly less than that of the bond) will be for him, Craig, last. He agreed, because “decided to leave on a high and beautiful wave”.