Дэниел Крэйг предпочел тюремное заключение приключениям Джеймса Бонда
The actor refused to play agent 007 for the new role.

Дэниел Крэйг предпочел тюремное заключение приключениям Джеймса Бонда

Daniel Craig

Someone in striped prison garb, cropped under “zero”… Daniel Craig did not know! There is nothing in common with James bond in his fancy clothes and constant black tuxedo. The role of the offender Daniel plays in his new film Lucky Logan the famous film Director Steven Sodebergh.

After the release of the latest James bond film “007: Spectrum” British actor took a break from work and went to his house near new York, where he lives with his wife, actress Rachel Weisz. He categorically refuses to renew his contract with the Studio, pleading with him at least once to play the superspy. Say, Craig was offered an unprecedented sum of 65 million pounds, plus a unique opportunity to act as one of the producers of “bond”. But neither entreaties nor huge fees yet to seduce is known for his stubbornness Craig.

He has long distaste for the comments about the character and the franchise, and last year even dared to say that “rather slit my wrists than again agree to act in the image of the superspy. Moreover, he allowed himself to such unheard of impudence during the advertising campaign of the new blockbuster “007: Spectrum”! And now feels great on the set in Atlanta in prison garb, as if, finally, was this “bad guy” and not polished British secret agent.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Photo: Legion-media