Daniel brühl will star in the series about the collapse of the Soviet Union

Даниэль Брюль снимется в сериале о развале Советского Союза

German actor of Spanish origin Daniel brühl agreed to participate in the series, who will talk about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

At the moment it is known that in desyatiletiya the film will be shown in Moscow of the 90s of the last century, where criminal gangs and private entities fought and divided the spheres of influence and Finance.

The protagonist, Michael, whose role will perform Daniel will have to show your skills to stay afloat, he managed to acquire during its evolution from a simple street vendor to one of the richest and influential personalities in the country.

The production of the project called “Mafia”, are engaged in two studios — The Weinstein Co. and ITV Studios.

The screenplay was by William Nicholson (“Shadowland”, “Gladiator” and “Les Miserables”), which has twice been nominated for an Oscar.

Shooting “Mafia” is supposed to start next year.

“Yes, I signed up to participate in the project. It’s a cool, cool story”, — commented brühl news about their participation.


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