Daniel Ant Izotov: “Harvey taught me how to shoot a slingshot”

Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки» The leading children’s role in the TV series “the Teacher” told how first appeared in the movie and also shared his impressions of cooperation with famous actors. Partners nine-year-old Daniel became Yuliya Snigir, keira Knightley and many others.
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»

Many actors only dream about this, and Daniel in its nine years, has played in 30 films, sang 11 leading roles. He debuted on screen in ten months, but the first major work he considers the movie “Elki 1914”. The young actor starred with Julia Snigir, Konstantin Khabensky, by Tymofiy Tribuntsev… And recently, Daniel played the lead child role in the fourth season of “Teacher”.

“Dan, all you can!”

How is it that in ten months you became an actor?
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»My grandfather Vova – Director. Him for feature films “Whisper of orange clouds” took the baby. And here again I just had, he figured, why go far? And took me… the film includes home video, standing in the crib holding onto the rail. But I don’t remember, the parents were told. Three and a half years when he proposed to engage me in the project “Fast”, I was already conscious. I remember hearing my mother discuss preparation for the upcoming shooting. When put down the phone, outraged, why was not consulted. You should have seen her surprised face… After she told me about a movie, actor. I replied that I will decide if I want to do it. Did not yet understand that mom wants the best for me…. In the end still appeared, but after was asked to give the time to Mature for the job. In five years, he said – I’m ready. While the time was casting for “Christmas Tree 1914”. My mother’s friend the agent showed the Director Alexander Karpilovskaya video that we took: it I talk about love, good, evil. And I was invited to audition. You could say it was the beginning of a career. —
Why do you think the role gave you?
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»Just at that time, I had been trained as an actor. For example, could cry on command. Don’t ask how I learned. It is our with mom. We have a ritual: when the Director needed the tears off of the stage for five minutes and I come back with eyes on a wet place. But don’t think she’s scolding me, it’s all in the attitude. Mom good, never say, “why are you such a dunce?” Always calmly explains, if something does not do that.
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»
You played so many roles. What I’ve learned on set?
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»Three years ago in the film “Closer than you think” my character had to play violin. I even bow in hands did not hold!Had to take some lessons to at least create the appearance that I am a violinist. After this role became interested in music and for the second year engaged in school, piano class. It was still difficult to transform into an autistic role in the movie “Divorce”. My mom and a few days ago I watched a video about children with this diagnosis. I adopted their way not to respond when you’re called, and make out, if you touch, do not look directly, but only sideways… When he came to audition, the Director said – that’s the best he’s seen. For the “Teacher” I learned how to wear “leather jacket”, although we prefer the classic clothes – shirts, pants. Mother explained: you have to stick hands in his pockets, looking from under the eyebrows, slightly slouch. She is also a Director, graduated from VGIK, knows what’s up. The older I get, the more I realize: if it wasn’t for her, I do not see the world of cinema. Will always be grateful to her for that.
Adults and colleagues share with you the experience?
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»Yes. Dmitriy Nagiev, for example, showed how to plant a forest fire. and shoot with a slingshot. In the story, I have to kill the bird. It was difficult, because I have a good heart… I Can only fly or SWAT a mosquito, but that doesn’t count. Liked to play and Kozlovsky. The Viking I was performing a stunt without a stunt from the second floor jumped on the hero Daniel and felled him to the ground. It turned out immediately, but he cheered: “Dan, come on! I believe in you!” Then kill… But most of all I remember Yulia Snigir. We represented a mother and son in “Bloody lady” – the film will be released next year. There was a scene where Julia scolds me, and I cry. So she played me the tune had once roared. And fun to work with Konstantin Khabensky in the movie “Elki 1914”. I then were really small. Sat on his lap and fooled around, his beard plucked – tested, real or not. He patiently and pretended that nothing was happening.
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»
Is your job well paid?
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»Not really. It is believed that baby photography is a hobby. Adult actors for cameo receive more than the child in charge. It is a little insulting.

“Angry, right brain boiled”

For children’s Hobbies time?
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»I love to play with LEGO with my dad, and even read a book. Or sister can be tricky. Var year, I with her parents help so they could relax: diaper change, put to sleep.
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»
To school time to walk?
Даниил Муравьев-Изотов: «Нагиев научил меня стрелять из рогатки»Yes, studying in the third grade. I love Russian language, literature. Sometimes doing homework on the Playground at lunchtime. In the “Divorce” was filmed seven months, and for me even a Desk brought. Teachers praised me. The first and second classes graduated with honors.—
As classmates are to your success?
Not everyone knows that I’m an actor. The my films look mostly adults, in children less removable. But there are those, who teases, “Oh, look, the star people came”. At first I was so pissed already brain was boiling. And then ceased to respond. The star itself is not considered. And his paintings do not look to themselves to admire, to understand, whether well played, learn from the failures. Summer with the movie “Closer than you think” went to camp “Eaglet”. There with me for 300 children wanted to be photographed. It was something! No one denied. And then suddenly offended…