Dangerous liaisons: the tragic fate of the beautiful lady with Russian names

Опасные связи: трагичные судьбы красавиц с русскими именами In mass media appeared information that the explosion in the center of Kiev was seriously damaged model Natalia collaborated with well-known brand. Doctors are fighting for her life. “StarHit” recalled other cases when the tale turns into a nightmare.
Опасные связи: трагичные судьбы красавиц с русскими именами

On Friday evening in the center of Kiev there was an explosion which injured a woman and child. According to some reports, among the victims was the model Natalia, who collaborated with the brand Dior. In the media suggested that the name of mannequin — Purse, and published her photos in the Internet. Earlier, the journalists put forward the version that the doctors fight for life of Natalia Gotsii, but the beauty has denied the speculation.

“This is a world-famous model. She was the face of Dior” – the media guessing who was injured in the crash in Kiev

The news about the explosion in the capital of Ukraine caused a strong public resonance. Internet users shocked about what happened to a young and promising star of the catwalk and glossy magazines. “StarHit” recalled other tragic stories of beauties that cannot be envied.

Anna Duritskaya

Опасные связи: трагичные судьбы красавиц с русскими именами

Ukrainian model, presumably, began to meet with Boris Nemtsov in 2013. It was accompanied by policies that fateful day when he was gunned down on Great Moskvoretsky bridge in Moscow. Anna herself was not injured.

“Going half of the bridge, I heard a pop. Thought underfoot to explode firecrackers. Then just saw that Boris drops and after 5-6 shots I realized what happened. From this place, quickly left the car light silver color,” said Durica.

After questioning Anne had gone home to Kiev. Girl leads a private life and does not give interviews to journalists. According to some, the model suffers from mental health problems and seeing a psychiatrist. The sources close to Anna say that a model can’t forget, like a lover dying in her eyes. The press also wrote that Duricka lives in the apartment, given to her opponent.

Alexander Petrov

Опасные связи: трагичные судьбы красавиц с русскими именами

Millions of girls from all over the country wanted to be like spectacular brunette, Shine on the pages of gloss. In 1999, Alexander participated in the contest “Miss universe”. Petrov was actively involved in foreign model agencies but she refused promising contracts.

Alexandra’s life ended abruptly on 16 September 2000. Beauty killed in Cheboksary with one shot to the head. Two days later, the model would have celebrated his 20th birthday. Along with Petrova killed two local entrepreneur. According to investigators, the model died as a result of the dismantling of criminal authorities.

Svetlana Kotova

Опасные связи: трагичные судьбы красавиц с русскими именами

Finalist of the contest “Miss Russia 1996” fell in love with the killer Alexander Solonik, on account of which there were dozens of murders. The man who became a legend of the criminal world, left with a fiancee in Greece under the name of Vladimir Kusov. Solonik had planned to invite Kurgan friends, but their meeting never took place. In February 1997, the strangled corpse of Alexander was discovered near Athens. Svetlana received no less brutally, her body dismembered and buried in the ground.

Employees of law enforcement bodies managed to establish that the killer murdered on the orders of the leader of the Orekhovskaya OPG Sergey Butorin. In 2011, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Ruslana Korshunova

Kazakhstani fashion model Ruslana Korshunova, who starred for the covers of world famous magazines, was named one of the most promising aspiring models. Beauty not only participated in several advertising campaigns of popular brands, but also participated in the trial to the movie “Perfume” based on the novel by Patrick Suskind.

Four days before his 21st birthday Ruslana fell out of the window of his apartment located in Manhattan. Shortly before the tragic events of the girl returned from Paris where participated in the fashion show, and, according to friends, was on “top of the world”. Police concluded that Korshunova committed suicide. But the close Korshunova doubted this version, since she did not leave a suicide note. Later producer Peter Pomerantsev told reporters that the withdrawal of the beauties of life could be triggered by her fascination with psychological trainings.

Oksana Grigorieva, ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson

Опасные связи: трагичные судьбы красавиц с русскими именами

Pianist Oksana Grigorieva was the envy of many girls who dreamed to connect his life with the Hollywood star. At the end of the 2000s, women began a romantic relationship with actor Mel Gibson. After some time, Oksana gave birth to a beloved daughter Lucia, but soon the couple broke up. In June 2010, Grigorieva wrote an artist statement to the police, accusing him of violence. The court ruled that Mel Gibson can’t come close to ex-lover.

Russian girlfriend of Mel Gibson is dissatisfied with the amount of support

Ekaterina Ivanova, the former girlfriend of the guitarist “rolling stones” Ronnie wood

Russian waitress Ekaterina Ivanova met by the guitarist of the cult band the Rolling Stones Ronnie wood for eighteen months. After breaking up, the young woman gave a Frank interview to journalists, shocked by their confessions. Ivanov told that her partner abused alcohol and illegal substances. Because of this wood was periodically lost control of himself and became extremely aggressive. In a fit of anger the man could raise his hand to his mistress.

“He almost strangled me. I was out of breath. Suddenly, he threw me and I hit my head on the pavement. I tried to reason with him: “Ronnie what’s wrong with you?!”. He was acting like a maniac – as if possessed by evil. Then he grabbed me by the arms, leaned against the wall and began to choke…. (…) For the last 9 months Ronnie crushed my confidence, so I told the police arrived on the scene, everything is fine. However, seeing the red marks on my neck, the ones he had back,” – said Ivanov.