Danelia told about a serious illness

Георгий Данелия рассказал о серьезной болезни Famous Soviet and Russian film Director for a long time, almost never leaves the house. Star cinema reported that it barely moves and on an oxygen machine. A playwright suffers from emphysema, so he has trouble breathing without this device.

      Георгий Данелия рассказал о серьезной болезни

      Director of cinematic masterpieces “I step through Moscow”, “Mimino”, “Afonya” and “kin-DZA-DZA” George Danelia respect and love of several generations. His films are filled with light humor and kindness. Colleagues believe the playwright’s genius and amazing artist. Recently, however, 85-year-old George N. much ache and almost never leaves the house. Danelia told reporters that he had serious health problems.

      “I can barely walk. While “sitting” on the oxygen machine,” – said the Director about his condition. For several years he suffers from emphysema, his lungs are only working at 15%.

      A few years ago, doctors believed that George N. lung cancer, but after conducting necessary surveys, accurate diagnosis. The cause of emphysema Smoking is called the Director, but it later emerged that the health of his lungs so negatively impacted by the childhood tuberculosis. Currently playwright everywhere needs to use the oxygen machine. He is forced to take the portable breath machine weighing four pounds, if it goes out, so he mostly stays at home.

      According to George, despite his illness, he still feet are on the ground and tries to occupy himself with movies. “Sorry, my mind works. All the time thinking, “my God, why did I live like this?!” said 85-year-old writer.

      Wife Galina Yurkova-Danelia support the husband and take care of it. On the farm couple is helping the housekeeper, so they have need of nothing. According to the wife of the great Director, he still tries to work: a few years ago he did the animated film “kin-DZA-DZA”. All projects Danelia turn out good and bright, and therefore are popular with viewers.

      “I often look for an explanation why the films of Soviet filmmakers so loved. Maybe the fact that they contain energy good?!”, – said Georgy Nikolaevich in an interview with the newspaper “the Interlocutor”.

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