Даная Пригожина ждет, когда Иосиф разведется с Валерией

Joseph Prigozhin gave his daughter Danae to understand clearly that if she will continue to behave inappropriately, the father in his face she had lost. But the train gained speed difficult to stop in an instant. In the case of a girl this metaphor is applicable. Despite the fact that Prigogine does not regret to chat with her daughter and doesn’t want to hear anything about what she is accusing him, the girl continues to stick to its position. Following the words of his mother Helena, who told how Joseph negatively disposed towards children Valerie, Danae admitted that waiting for this family to disintegrate.

“I really hope that he’ll break up with Leroy. Have already said that they’re on the verge of divorce. Sure, these conversations did not arise out of nowhere. I think dad is unhappy in his new family. I can feel it,” said Danae, arguing that next to Valeria, her father loses the will and has, under the thumb of the singer, listening to any of its order: “When I visited father Leroy, saw dad in the whole goes on about her. He says and does is not what he wants, and what he will say. I think the culprit of all quarrels is Lera. If she wanted dad to communicate with their children, she wouldn’t give him a way to behave.

By the way, according to Danae the reason that father with her not talking to me is also its completeness with which she did not manage to cope: “I Got it from him and due to my obesity. Me she never stopped. If nature made me this way, why should I be thin as a rail? And my dad called me and advised to sit on the kefir diet. Boasted that he and Leroy she helped to lose weight. And then we were told that he was in the hospital. It was effects weight loss”.


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