Danae Prigogine gaining weight on vacation

Даная Пригожина набирает вес на отдыхе The daughter of a famous producer eats cotton candy the size yourself. Danae Prigogine are unable to resist treats that small children love. Fans who saw her photo is praised leased for weight loss results, but she says that in recent times have not dropped any weight.

      The daughter of a famous producer Joseph Prigogine 19-year-old Danae seems to have decided to abandon the fight against obesity. Or, at least, to take a break for the holidays.

      While in the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka on the Black sea, the girl allowed herself to commit the unheard of act, by the standards of dreams, to part with the pounds of the beauties. Danae Prigogine are unable to resist your favorite treat all boys and girls, cotton candy, and bought a huge sugar cloud size itself. It is possible that Dan was motivated by a sense of nostalgia for childhood and the carefree days that are able to regain this dessert. However, the taste of cotton candy disappointed heiress, producer and completely to absorb it is not.

      “Cotton candy more than me. Surprised how awful of steel to make them. Did not even, in the end, there are, two pieces broke off, and everything flowed” – shared Danae Prigogine subscribers microblog, showing the with the sweetness in hand.

      However, subscribers spectacular brunette is not impressed with the size of the wool, but it looks like this. Many noted that she is noticeably thinner. Fans who saw the live recording of “House-2” in which Prigogine participated, noted that at that time the girl was much better than the photo. However, the request to share the secret of such effective and quick weight loss, Danaya answered that did nothing. “I have not lost weight. On screen not wearing, increased a hundred times,” the star revealed the secret of reincarnation.

      It is worth noting that problems with excess weight at Prigoginei Danae has always been. The girl tried many times to lose weight. Daughter of producer participated in the project “lose Weight with StarHit”, during which I lost about 10 pounds, but could not hold the weight. Danae then went to drastic measures, she began to take Chinese diet pills, but eventually gained a whopping 20 pounds.

      “I was hysterical. I even wanted to do liposuction, but daddy says” – shared this in an interview with “StarHit”.

      However, the weight problems do not interfere with the Dan Prigoginei in life. Danae Prigogine won the beauty contest

      She’s graduating and while working as a manicurist and makeup artist. In may, the girl won the beauty contest “Miss Russia”, which is held among girls who have curvaceous.

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