Дана Борисова написала заявление о похищении дочери

Here reconciled, reconciled. Well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova, which until recently was happy that ex-husband Maxim Aksenov returned to her life and the life of her daughter Polina, already not happy about it. A nine year old girl suffered greatly due to the fact that her father did not communicate with her, and now, when they both decided to celebrate the New year together, none of them thought to tell Dan about his whereabouts.
First Borisov did not want to interfere with the communication daughter with dad, but its beginning to irritate the fact that neither the Pauline nor the former spouse does not respond to phone calls. The celebrity was so scared that he even wrote a statement to the police about the kidnapping. Only when the police contacted Aksenov, he promised to return the girl mother. Knowing the history of a severe breakup, This Maxim, this is unlikely to contribute to good relations between former spouses civil.

Polina is already home. To calm excited fans, Borisov published a joint photo with her daughter and signed it: “❤️❤️❤️❤️we are all well,except that Paula was a bit sick for the holidays))And I stand before a choice to carry or not Her school tomorrow, skip, really do not want..”