Дана Борисова написала послание экс-супругу
Over the last few months the TV presenter Dana Borisova is located in Thailand, which is undergoing rehabilitation from drug addiction.

Дана Борисова написала послание экс-супругу

The star frequently goes online and reports on their progress. On the same day Borisov decided to turn to her ex-husband, Maxim Aksenov, who is now their common daughter, Pauline.

“Have I changed, people change, my dear, I have a light from within, and the face glows, I’m very modest, but solid, began to believe, not for show, not for the report. (…) I’ve never been religious and I laughed at people, to be honest. I came to this. First, just prayed and asked to help me sleep, I suffered so much that I couldn’t sleep, it’s just a nightmare…

I even steps about a higher power are all passed, I thought, it’s not for me. Now everything has changed, I will not continue to brag, I’m courageous, be strong and happy, this is important. Very, very happy. So. What do you think?” – turned was Given to the ex-spouse.

Now Pauline, along with his father resides in England, where he goes to school. As a result, the girls great success in foreign languages, and she became interested in tennis.

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