Дана Борисова окончательно испортила волосы
They say that on a freebie and vinegar sweet, but Dana Borisova everything turned out very well.

Дана Борисова окончательно испортила волосы

Dana Borisova suddenly told that “5 days in a row, expensive professional shampoo that I FORGOT I have a home hairdresser”.

That is, the hairdresser FORGOT and did not GAVE and left that would have Given used but Borisov thought, “what fell from the cart, it was gone.”

Дана Борисова окончательно испортила волосы

Well, Dana told me that she was “not even bothering to read WHAT is WRITTEN ON IT”.

– Interested in only on the fifth day, when the scalp was INCREDIBLY ITCHY AND RED. The sentence of the master was terrible, the burn of the scalp. It turned out that, “chemical peeling”. Now treat your skin and hair – complained to Dana.

The moral – don’t take someone else’s. But if you really want it, call and ask. Then would you say that this is not shampoo.If it was Given, of course, not invented the whole story for the next advertising beauty salon.

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