Dana Borisova will not give mother my daughter

Дана Борисова не отдаст матери свою дочь

Before the well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova went for treatment in Thailand, reporters managed to contact her and ask about the relationship with her mother. Recall that This is the mother Ekaterina Ivanovna all over the country said about addiction daughter on a talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”. As it turned out, the mother Borisova plans to take my daughter This Pauline herself. According to Borisovoi, the mother and started this whole scandal in order to succeed.

Dana now resides in Thailand, where the course of treatment from drug and alcohol addiction. Treatment of Telebanking paid for the First channel.
The woman admits that she really had a drinking problem but they remained in the past. Supposedly she is addicted to alcohol, drinking champagne at social events, leading which she was to earn for himself and his daughter to life. Realizing their problems, Dana quickly took himself in hand and got rid of the addiction.
That mother started a scandal, Borisova learned from the teacher of his daughter. Now Dana is going through, as her child continues to feel at school, knowing that her mother trampled in the dirt.
“About a monstrous lie to his mother, I learned from teacher Pauline. Can you imagine what my daughter is Now in school? I was so soaked with mud that no words. The closest people are sometimes worse than enemies” complains Dana.
Borisov glad Pauline is now with his father and is confident that because of suicidal tendencies, her mother will never get custody of my granddaughter.

“Mother gave me some antidepressants, sleeping pills, some injections do. At first I believed her, because she still nurses. But then I began to suspect that the mother will go to great lengths to get my daughter,” confessed Dana.
Recall that recently in defense Borisova spoke to her friend, a hairdresser ray Samedov, who is Katherine all over the country accused of supplying drugs Dan. The stylist believes that the mother of his girlfriend wants to get her Moscow apartment, and therefore seeks the custody of Pauline and drowns his own daughter in the fictional scandal. Note that the opinion of Yekaterina Ivanovna share and friends from The show business – Andrey Malakhov, Elena Sparrow, Prokhor Chaliapin and others, by which she is now in Thailand for treatment.