Dana Borisova will complain to the Prosecutor to participants of the show “Dom-2”

Дана Борисова пожалуется в прокуратуру на участника шоу «Дом-2″

Well-known presenter Dana Borisova ready to defend his honor in the Prosecutor’s office. The other day, and even earlier celebrity to address to militiamen with the statement for a participant of the reality show “Dom-2” Denis Kozlovich, who said yesterday that he has a video sexual content, which he captured with Dana.
Denis made a sensational statement on air of TV program “live” on TV channel “Russia”, where the Studio came and ex-lover Borisova Alexander Morozov.

Dana Borisova and Alexander Morozov

And one and another said that The long – standing problems with alcohol that led to the blackouts. Kozlovich also said that for the sake of relations with men famous blonde is ready to overshadow his own daughter. So, Dennis gave the example that once Dana had had in his apartment ten days, and all the while her teenage daughter was home alone.
Borisov also dismisses such rumors, and in General declares that Kozlovich not familiar, and, moreover, was not with him in intimate relationship.
“He’s the mustachioed, bearded, and I’m not friends with these, I don’t like it. He started telling me that he lived with me for 10 days that he has video of me an erotic nature” — is justified Given.
Borisov stated. what about the black PR campaign, preparing Morozov warned her mutual friends, but she did not expect that the man really dealt with it. Now she is determined to prove his innocence, and tomorrow will go to the Prosecutor’s office.