Dana Borisova went to the world of Anastasia Volochkova

Дана Борисова пошла на мировую с Анастасией Волочковой TV presenter decided to hush up the conflict with the ballerina. Dana Borisova publicly appealed to Anastasia Volochkova and apologized to it. The star also explained why he suggested about her dependence.
Дана Борисова пошла на мировую с Анастасией Волочковой

Some time ago between Dana Borisova and Anastasia Volochkova there was a conflict. In the program “the Secret to a million”, the presenter said that it is necessary to save one dancer-ballerina. Many have decided that it is about Volochkova. She denied such accusations and stated that they are not true.

A few weeks later Borisov decided to speak about the resonance of the news about the alleged according to Volochkova. The blonde said that he did not want to offend the artist. According to This, she received the message, which the authors attribute to Anastasia’s addiction.

“Dear Anastasia! You’re strong and beautiful,I want to apologize if somehow I hurt you with its assumption about dependencies. I was only talking about that get a lot of emails from people asking for help and support you. We both know how hard it is for women like you and me, to go through life. For us — the train of misunderstanding. But we’ll manage. We both with you a strong and independent, both mothers of wonderful daughters who, by the way, friends. Just wanted to help. I’m glad you’re okay, and I believe in you”, — said Borisov.

Earlier Anastasia Volochkova said he was highly surprised by the words on his alleged addiction. According to the artist, it is not going to justify to the public.

“You never know what can come up with a sick person? — asked Anastasia. — I believe that in the new life you have to log in with positivity and not with dirty thoughts, using other names for their advertising. As it is Given now. Claim and said to her we were never friends. Moreover, I have repeatedly thwarted the attempts to use my name for their purposes”.

After the NTV program aired, Volochkova started attacking members of the media. The ballerina said that some journalists threatened her. “My PR Manager said: “we counter the interview and appeal that you do not like, and we’ll show your best side. Otherwise we’ll squash Volochkova!” — said the artist. But Anastasia refused to participate in such a project. According to the celebrity, she not afraid of anything.

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