Dana Borisova went to the hospital

Дана Борисова загремела в больницу On the eve of the media appeared information that the TV presenter had deliberately taken a large quantity of drugs. Later, the star has denied these data, having declared that in this way she tried to cure a strong cough. Dana and at first refused admission, but today, she told fans online that he is in the hospital.

Dana Borisova is undergoing treatment in the Metropolitan hospital. Botkin, although the star refused to go there. The fact that the presenter lost his voice – is nervous. The former civil husband allow you to communicate with the daughter Polina once a week. According to Borisova, it is a long parting with a child was the cause of the disease.

“My dear, thank you so much to everyone who came to visit me in two days! Suffer from severe somatic cough, which was a response to all the stresses related to the fact that I am communicating with her daughter once a week, other days not hear her even over the phone, I have no way to contact her… Acclimatization, I was diagnosed with tonsillitis and laryngitis. In addition, the ruptured diaphragm. I drank in front of the tele Andrei Malakhov huge amount of drugs to ease pain and cough. I made a gastric lavage. I am a woman of faith, neither of which the suicide attempt cannot be considered. It is outrageous to write such filth and poison me! All love!” – said Borisov fans.

Disease This was the regular edition of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. For obvious reasons, Borisov was unable to attend the shoot. In the broadcast Studio came the mother of TV presenter Ekaterina Ivanovna, she shared her feelings for her daughter. “Dana, I was not in the subject. I turned my phone off, as it was in the way. At first I thought that you had a breakdown. The problem we had, and she remains, she can not escape. This is a chronic disease, we will recover entire life. But I am not scared when I found out about the alleged disruption,” said the woman.

Not only Katherine supports celebrity – dad-star Alexander also expressed his desire to help his daughter. “I’m glad she has such friends. I think with them it can quickly get to his feet. What happened, was a shock for me. Honey, call me I will come at any time. All the troubles to blame your mother, my ex-wife. Mija, I’m sure you all will be fine,” emphatically the father of the presenter.

Borisov did not specify how many more days she will spend in the hospital. Fans, in turn, wish Dana a speedy recovery.