Дана Борисова поместила Евгения Осина в клинику Presenter saves the artist. Recently it became known that the musician was in a medical facility. Evgenia Aspen for three days were considered missing. Dana Borisova has explained what really happened and showed the conditions in which now there lives the star of the 90s.
Дана Борисова поместила Евгения Осина в клинику

This week Eugene Osina began to discuss with the new force. The musician, who suffers from alcoholism, at first caused some concern among neighbors because it did not respond to calls and requests to open the door. Then, in the apartment of the artist visited the “Let them talk”, caught it in a bad way. After meeting with reporters Evgeniy Osin stopped communicating with friends and family, she was forced to write a statement to the police. In one instant, the Internet spread the message that the singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” was missing. However, fairly quickly found. Turned, Aspen determined with a medical facility, where he must help to overcome addiction.

Today, Lou Ferrigno posted a video that explained how the actor was in rehab and what was happening to him now. It turned out that not so long ago completed treatment for drug addiction, the presenter decided to help a colleague. Celebrity has taken on the task to save Aspen.

“Slowly learning to save the lives of others… the Truth about that night a couple of days ago, the night my persuasion… Eugene Aspen Eugene finally admitted to the apartment of a psychologist Sergei M., I’ll tell on the show of Andrey Malakhov. Coming for you, and start to save the lives of others,” said Dana.

Apparently, in one of the next television broadcast, viewers will see Eugene Aspen and find out what prompted him still to take the help of friends. Previously, the artist said that he lost feeling in his legs, and he needs money for the operation. Then a friend of the musician Natalya Sturm urged the public to ignore his requests to transfer money, because, in her opinion, he simply “drinking”. The singer of the hit “high School romance” argued that he needed assistance in dealing with alcoholism, but he denied it Osin.