Дана Борисова скрывалась от публики в Крыму The presenter had not been in contact with fans throughout the month. After a scandalous divorce, Dana Borisova disappeared from public view. All this time she indulged in solitude on the seacoast.

      Дана Борисова скрывалась от публики в Крыму

      In early June, in the life of a famous TV presenter Dana Borisova has changed dramatically. The star of the ether divorced from her husband, businessman Andrey Troshchenko. Married life did not last a year between driving and her husband had accumulated differences that led to the inevitable breakup.

      Dana Borisova was freed from a failed marriage

      Unpleasant events in his personal life This has caused a great resonance in social networks. In order to restore the moral balance after a difficult period, Borisova disappeared from public sight for a month. Fans were very concerned that Borisov no longer posts personal photos on her microblog, because before she’s been in touch quite often. It turns out that the star has decided to completely disengage from public life on the shores of the Black sea.

      “Friends, forgive me that for so long was gone! After what happened, I’m a month off the phone and flew to mom Pauline in the Crimea, about much thought. Now meet me in a new way after chic eyelash,” wrote Dana.

      Recall that in mid-June Borisov celebrated its 40 anniversary. Superstitious people are afraid to hold a big celebration at this anniversary, because it is believed that the celebration may entail a lot of trouble. The media personality decided to play it safe, because in her life, and so there was an unpleasant event – a divorce – that’s why I met 40 years in the company of just one loved one.

      Who exactly made the company of the star, and remained a mystery. Some fans speculated that This was a new follower who went with her to the sea. Although it is possible that the lead meant for his mother, which went to the Crimea. Indeed, despite the frequent quarrels, her mother and daughter remain really close friends.

      It is noteworthy that after the divorce, some members Borisova in the social network suspect her to abuse alcohol. The occasion was a photo of the stars with a glass in hand. “Why so much hatred and lies? The Mojito was really soft, I was driving, and to drown their problems not try. God you, my colleagues, the judge, and a smaller lie!” – has explained Borisov.

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