Дана Борисова освободилась от неудачного брака Famous TV host got a divorce. Dana Borisova got married in August last year. For the sake of relations with a striking blond businessman Andrey Troshchenko broke up with his ex-wife. However, an Alliance with a celebrity was short-lived.

      Дана Борисова освободилась от неудачного брака

      For fans of the popular TV presenter Dana Borisova was a real surprise when at the end of April the star announced that it intends to divorce with your spouse Andrey Troshchenko. The pair failed to negotiate peacefully, but because a celebrity decided to go to court in order to resolve the dispute. Now, a month after the hearing, Dana Borisova was freed from a failed relationship. The court granted the petition for dissolution of marriage.

      Dana Borisova and Andrey Troshchenko: why actually broke up the marriage

      The now former spouse had no claim regarding division of joint property. Also Dan and Andrew had no children together, they raised eight-year-old daughter Polina from leading her former common law husband Maxim Aksenov.

      Not so long ago many fans of teledive couldn’t figure out what’s going on in your personal life Borisova. She stated that her husband had escaped, taking with them her expensive car. Then Borisov asked for forgiveness and was happy restored relationship. And then Dana shared shocking news – she has decided to divorce her husband. She stated this in his microblog.

      “All good ends sooner or later. Yesterday unilaterally by magistrate filed for divorce. Ex-husband with whom you do not communicate with March 9, was a busy and ZAGS through a divorce is not wanted. Congratulate me with the end of the first and only of my life of marriage,” he told the celebrity to their subscribers.

      But Dana was quick to assure fans that there’s a man who really cares for her and supports her during a difficult life situation. Moreover, the turmoil in his personal life did not affect her daily activities – she continues to attend various social events.

      “Try to keep a stiff upper lip, not to cry and to smile. But in the depths of the soul of a cat scratching. At night I was crying into the pillow… then Andrew said I wasn’t coming. I do not impose on him their fellowship. Well, something is probably wrong in me,” – Borisov frankly admitted, not hiding his inner state.

      The hearing on the divorce was scheduled a week ago. May 30, but none of the parties in court were not. As reports the edition Life, now Troshchenko and Borisov do not bind family relationships.

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