Дане Борисовой разрешили выехать из страны после выплаты долга The presenter will go on vacation with his daughter Polina. Dana Borisova and her child will fly to Venice. On this visit star dreamed a long time ago, because now her ex-husband Maxim Aksenov allowed to take Pauline for a few days.
Дане Борисовой разрешили выехать из страны после выплаты долга

TV presenter Dana Borisova finally happy. Very soon she will see his beloved daughter Pauline Aksenova. The star will fly with the child to Venice is about such a journey dreamed girl. However, her mother had a hard time: she was suddenly restricted travel abroad. Supposedly Dana has not repaid a large debt in child support. According to This, amounted to about 80 thousand rubles, but she paid for it, and the information has not managed to come in time bailiffs. Now the problem is resolved.

“On Saturday, fly to Venice. Today paid our wonderful apartments in a residential area. Check in August. The apartment is already installed even air conditioning. Today is really happy day,” Borisov shared the news on Instagram.

Recall that for several months Dana has tried to sell the house, with whom she was associated bad memories. In that period, the TV presenter abused illicit drugs. She had to undergo a long rehabilitation to get rid of addiction.

“Physically abandon bad habits was easy. I don’t want to, even have. Usually people in rehab recovering from 5 to 20 kg, and I lost almost 7,” said Dana, when you were on Koh Samui.

Because of this, Borisova almost lost the daughter: the father of the girl Maxim Aksenov wanted to deprive the star of parental rights. Gathering all the help that she no longer has bad habits, Dana got permission to chat with a girl.

For the previous apartment Borisov received 19 million 800 thousand rubles. Now Kim’s apartment is located next to the place where her daughter lives. Besides, in plans celebrity car purchase. Old car sold it to the mother, while she was in rehab in Thailand.