Dana Borisova was a failure

У Даны Борисовой произошел срыв
The presenter passed the test on the First channel.

Dana Borisova and Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: Instagram

A little over a month ago there were reports that Dana Borisova was trying to commit suicide. Star came to the hospital and found out that it really took too much medication, which could happen real tragedy. What really happened, tried to understand Dmitry Shepelev and his team from the show “really” on the First channel.

“After returning from the island I spent most of my time was in a complete vacuum, which is impossible to do dependent man — told Dana. — I was not allowed to see his daughter, and on this basis I started the wild a psychosomatic cough. Then we found out, I instantly start coughing when the words “mom”, “Max” and any exciting situations. I am totally clean from alcohol and drugs 26 APR 2017. But the doctor I took the drug with sedative and tranquilizing action, to get rid of wild bouts of psychosomatic cough. That night I actually increased the dose, but I wasn’t about to commit suicide!”

Psychiatrist Erken Imanbayev, who was in the Studio, opened the public’s eyes to the situation occurred. It turns out that the drugs that took Dana, system of former addicts is strictly prohibited to drink. And Borisova had access to tablets. She says that this pack “accidentally” found on a shelf in the apartment. And nothing surprising. in a moment of mental weakness, the dose may be increased. The psychiatrist called the event irresponsible suicide.

“She was being unruly behaviour, it was definitely drug breakdown, which Dana does not recognize, says Erken. — It was a subconscious desire to re-experience drug intoxication”.

At the end of the program was Given a drug test, which showed, as the detector, Borisov is really clean. Recent months, she did not use any one popular type of drugs. This was confirmed by a lie detector. However, one of the indicators of the analysis declared as “weakly positive”. Dmitry Shepelev very interested in this fact, but two psychiatrist have convinced those present that it was “manifest” those sedatives that Dana saw from psychosomatic cough to calm the nerves by the doctor.