Dana Borisova told about the stay in the rehabilitation center

Дана Борисова рассказала о пребывании в реабилитационном центре Friends helped the presenter to go abroad for treatment from addiction. Now Lou Ferrigno is in the clinic of Thailand. Loved ones hope that the therapy will save the woman and bring peace to her family.
Дана Борисова рассказала о пребывании в реабилитационном центре

Last week mom of the famous TV presenter Dana Borisova addressed to Andrey Malakhov in the program “Let them talk” for help. She was desperate when she learned that her daughter was using drugs. Katherine was very concerned for her granddaughter Pauline, who lives with his mother and witnesses the indecent behavior of a mother. An elderly woman seeks to protect the child and save Dana. She insisted that the stylist ray Samedov supplies Borisov prohibited means. Mom Dana Borisova rescues her from drug addiction

Today, the program “Let speak” there was a man to whom the mother of TV host has a huge claim. Ray was outraged by such allegations and believes the words of Catherine Ivanovna unfounded. He expressed his point of view on the situation.

“For me it was a complete shock for my family. I know her since last summer and as you remember, how long has This behavior, what it is, my friendship is affected. He came, saw the symptoms, she had paralyzed legs. I carried her from room to room, washed it, tidied, cooked, when she couldn’t. And then the mother tells me that I got her hooked on drugs,” said ray.

Samedov wonders why Dana Borisova bad relationship with my mom. In his opinion, the presenter just scared of Ekaterina Ivanovna.

“I come she is sitting in a puddle of beer and asks: “Get the mother out of the room”. I go to another room, first time mother. Ekaterina Ivanovna is in a pose that she said will come ray, a drug dealer, don’t know. She is in this position is protective. I go here Pauline runs up, hugs me: “Mom went crazy”. I am a complete shock, trying to drag Dana into the apartment. They’re starting to suggest that she was crazy. Dana shouts, “don’t listen to them!” I stop, she asks me to get my mom out of the apartment. I say, I can not help mother to do, let you decide for yourselves. Polina begins to giggle over mom that she’s like this, runs up, begins to kick his feet,” recalls Samedov.
Дана Борисова рассказала о пребывании в реабилитационном центре

The man admitted that he tried to help Borisova. He wanted to change her circle of friends, advised her to get away from Moscow.

In the Studio, had my mother Given. She decided to look into the eyes of ray, whom she considers to blame for what happened to her daughter. The woman was on edge, and therefore in dialogue with the man went on screaming. Samedov tried to calm the mother of his girlfriend, but his attempts failed. Then Katherine began to argue with the experts in the Studio. When ray left the Studio, Andrey Malakhov called on the woman to calm down a little and sat on the couch for guests.

Дана Борисова рассказала о пребывании в реабилитационном центре

The host of the program “Let them talk” showed a video in which he along with his friends Dana Borisova late in the evening went to her. They wanted by all means to persuade the woman to go to the clinic for rehabilitation. In the end they had to go to the trick and to say that allegedly it was chosen as the leading new reality show. Only after that she opened the front door to the apartment and began preparing for the trip. Hastily collecting things and not having to put on makeup, Dana went to the airport.

“This holiday, we are going to fly to Thailand, I woke up not even wearing makeup, helped me to gather all of a sudden, but I really went through a lot, especially lately. I am feeling positive, I slept. But I still don’t believe when you sit on the plane, I believe,” – said Dana Borisova.

Katherine admitted that four years ago, tried to sound the alarm – she saw what her daughter that there is something wrong. However, the mother told the presenter, Given that evicted her from the apartment.

Every day Dana was talking to the camera about what’s going on with her at the clinic. She reported that she was robbed of a mobile phone – she left without communication, which is very upset. Borisov also suffers from an eating disorder for some time could not eat anything.

It’s been three days since Borisov is on treatment, however, she just doesn’t realize that it will not conduct a show about the struggle with anorexia, and she is a patient of the clinic.

“Today was a horrible night, I gave up almost all their drugs, sleeping pills that I had brought until I was allowed. I wandered through the house, all tired, was thinking with a suitcase to leave outside, but one night I was not allowed. Someone called me incontinent person. I wanted to show that I’m not entirely under control, I was as a person, and I need to appreciate and respect,” – said Borisov.

Experts in the Studio believe that it can be cured only through their efforts. Andrey Malakhov said that Dana Borisova managed to bring along illegal drugs in Thailand.

In the end, Dana Borisova concluded that decided to go to another country to prove to everyone – her situation is not hopeless.