Dana Borisova told about drug addiction

Дана Борисова рассказала о зависимости от наркотиков

TV presenter Dana Borisova, became a party to the new edition of the show “Secrets in a million”, where he spoke about his drug addiction. The girl confessed that her addiction contributed to the former beloved.

Дана Борисова рассказала о зависимости от наркотиков

Borisov talks openly about the fact that after a couple of years to take prohibited substances for half the year undergoing rehabilitation. On the TV show she told a leading Lera Kudryavtseva on how the first tried drugs. Kudryavtseva also asked the girl about her personal life, to which she barely answered. She believes that it is very personal. Borisov started taking drugs because of self-doubt and heartache. She experienced her because of the haters on the Internet and former men.

“I didn’t love, I didn’t like how I looked. My men have imposed on me the idea that I’m not beautiful,” told viewers star. “And I wanted to prove to people who write nasty things about me online that I’m good. Using drugs had this pain. The only time I did not drink and didn’t take anything — pregnancy and breast-feeding. Now I’ve learned to love myself for who I am.”

Дана Борисова рассказала о зависимости от наркотиков

That period of life was for girls very scary. She deleted all the photos from that time. Leading believes that to them it looks inadequate. Borisov stopped to chat with people, who associated it with drugs. The girl has long made new friends that help her cope.

In the Studio, the star was joined by her family. There came the mother Borisova, with which the pretty strained relationship. “My mother is right TV star. She earns on transfers, walks and talks about my condition,” said Dana about your mother.

The story of the mother about family problems for girls was quite painful, due to which she got up and went backstage. She came back after the narrative.

The dependency period is very influenced by the TV presenter why she decided to help people with similar problems. “I allowed the call, but some of my friends related to show business, just don’t want to be treated”, says a former addict.

Problems in life are very affected Boris’s relationship with her daughter. The girl said she didn’t want to live with mom. Polina’s father does not help financially, because of what she always was at work. “Maxim, I have never financially helped, even when we lived together, he did not give money. His parents helped. His house wasn’t always. I went back to work after three months after childbirth. Was torn between breast-feeding and constant filming,” says Borisov.

At the end broadcasting time of transmission appeared singer Danko, with whom the leading was once relationship. The contractor apologized. “Yes, we were together. Marrying him was not going as he had a pregnant girlfriend,” — said the leading.