Dana Borisova told about anorexia and breast augmentation

Дана Борисова рассказала об анорексии и увеличении груди

In the life of Dana Borisova has come a black stripe. From TV star’s husband left, her mother was in hospital with suspected suicide attempt, so even with a Given Bank card fraudsters were stolen 240 thousand roubles.

Of course, this situation could not but tell on the health Borisova. These recent developments have led to the fact that Dana got sick with something “type of anorexia”.

“When you’re going through, stop eating. And more recently in my life many experiences: the illness of his mother, separation from her husband. And the latest news I have sad. Alas, I became a victim of swindlers who have cancelled with my Bank card 240 thousand rubles. I don’t refuse food basically. But one can’t. If someone of her friends will be treated or will eat at me, I sing. And I can’t. Just stop eating and all. And do not even want”, — shared the leading.

Due stress is Given lost 30 pounds, but what remains unchanged is her Breasts. As you know, a couple of years ago Borisova decided on the plastic and now incredible proud of: “to Hide the fact I don’t see the point. Although,of course, I haven’t done the Breasts of enormous size. But after I adjusted the shape of the breast, I came up with a funky cover in the men’s magazine,which I treasure. And proud that, finally, at the age of 37 I can afford a decent photoshoot. See what I got on the cover of men’s gloss with its new forms”.


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