Dana Borisova repented for his words on the subject Volochkova

Дана Борисова раскаялась за свои слова о зависимости Волочковой
TV presenter officially admitted his guilt.

Dana Borisova and Anastasia

Photo: @Instagram danaborisova_official Dana Borisova

Dana Borisova made a public apology to Anastasia Volochkova. Not so long ago it all over the country accused the dancer of alcoholism. Dana argued that the former Bolshoi theatre prima ballerina requires specialized treatment.

Before Dana met personally with Anastasia, and then took back his words. Borisov admitted that they rushed to announce unverified information, based on letters fans.

“You are very strong and beautiful, I want to apologize if somehow I hurt you with its assumption about dependencies. I was only talking about that get a lot of emails from people asking for help and support you. We both know how hard it is for women like you and me, we go through life. For us — the train of misunderstanding. But we’ll manage. We both with you a strong and independent, both mother of wonderful daughters who are friends, by the way. Just wanted to help. I’m glad you’re okay and I believe in you!” wrote Dana in social networks. Along with the apology Borisov issued a joint picture with Anastasia, made the day before.

Recall that some time ago, Anastasia was subjected to harsh harassment because of allegations Borisova. It is possible that the scandal with the “alcoholism” Volochkova has played a role in the translation of the daughter of a ballerina in a new school. The transition of Ariadne in another school was rumored to be linked to the fact that the daughter of a ballerina teased and “bullied” in the old school. Anastasia however, these assumptions are not confirmed.