Dana Borisova ready to sue the mother for the daughter

Дана Борисова готова судиться с матерью за дочь The presenter believes that the relative wants to take Pauline. In the words of Dana Borisova, Ekaterina Ivanovna tries to deprive its successor. Star believes that he was in rehab because of the accusations of a mother.

Within a few weeks, the TV presenter Dana Borisova is in Thailand, where is being treated for drug addiction. On the harmful addiction of the woman became known in the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov. Mom popular blonde Ekaterina Ivanovna came on the show and said her daughter became interested in illicit drugs. A relative asked friends and acquaintances to help her.

According to environment presenter, her relationship with her mother deteriorated quite a long time. About two years ago I bought Borisova Ekaterina Ivanovna apartment in Sudak, so that she did not interfere in her personal life. But lately women are constantly fighting. As she told Dana, she didn’t expect cousin will go on television and reveal such facts from her life.

Mom Dana Borisova rescues her from drug addiction

“That my mother told me such a monstrous lie, I learned from a teacher of my daughter Polina. Imagine, it is now my daughter’s really hard to be in school! A mud I was covered, just no words. Loved ones sometimes worse enemy,” recalled Dana.

The star does not deny that she had a drinking problem. Woman addicted to alcohol, working as a reporter. “Plus raised a daughter alone, my husband didn’t help. In the evening on duty had to attend a party with free champagne. One glass, then another. So I quietly crossed the border line. But then for the sake of the daughter come to his senses and recovered. More to this he returned, although his mother constantly gave me some antidepressants, sleeping pills, some injections done,” said a celebrity.

Some time ago the daughter Borisova Polina went to live to the father Maxim Aksenov. Dana claims that she asked the former civil husband to pick up the heiress.

“Mother, dragging me into the mud, does not understand that her suicide attempts she is in any case will not get Pauline – the court will not give her granddaughter. I’m glad my child is with your dad right now,” explained Borisov.

Some people from the environment leading to believe that the mother specifically said those things about Dan, to try to deprive her of parental rights. Stylist blonde, Ruslan Gromov, says that the arrival of women on television was a planned action.

“It’s no secret that Dana with her mom in a bad relationship, as Ekaterina Ivanovna actively interfere in the privacy of his daughter and sets against her granddaughter Pauline. Katherine wants to permanently settle in the Moscow apartment of his daughter, and Given this, of course, opposed: she’s an adult and wants to live his life. They have recently had another scandal, Ekaterina Ivanovna, when I promised to take revenge on daughter for what she dismisses her out of the apartment,” – said Gromov in conversation with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

In addition, the stylist added that Dana is not treated from drug addiction. According to him, at the clinic with leading psychologists. As reported by each celebrity, will soon Borisov will return to Moscow. Dana Borisova told about the stay in the rehabilitation center