Дана Борисова рассчиталась с долгами The presenter reported that it has performed its obligations under the loan. According to Dana Borisova, she began a new stage in life in which there will be designated prohibited substances. The blonde finds that her business began to gradually improve.
Дана Борисова рассчиталась с долгами

Recently, the TV presenter Dana Borisova, which is now undergoing rehabilitation in Thailand, told the fans about the problems with finances. The star announced that she has commitments to extend credit for an apartment that she can’t perform. According to the blonde, her debt is almost extinguished, but left to pay the sum of one thousand dollars. Conversing with followers of his “Instagrama”, Dana said that he expects friends to help.

Recently, the celebrity has again been in touch with followers. At this time, Borisov was quick to assure fans that she managed to repay the loan. As the words This, at the moment she is not experiencing serious problems with money.

“I talked with my daughter, my loan closed, the rumors about my financial problems are greatly exaggerated. All will be well, believe in it,” said the blonde.

Borisov also reminded subscribers that will soon run medical centre of rehabilitation of drug addicts. The opening of the clinic in which media persons can be treated on terms of absolute anonymity, will happen in September.

“Everything in my life is getting better, I know I don’t lose it, I’ve changed, realized what I wanted to do next, I’m going to help people restore health and balance,” – says celebrity.

Earlier, the TV presenter commented on the situation, which turned out to Ales Kafelnikov. Last week, the Network appeared rumors that the young model is keen on illicit drugs. She’s a model, who is now in St. Petersburg for the filming of “HYIP”, denies the relationship and claims that the father deliberately sought to discredit. Dana Borisova decided to support the successor of the famous tennis player and publicly appealed to her.

Ales Kafelnikov landed in a scandal with drugs

“I read online that you have a trouble, you got sick. I’m willing to support, you can call me and we’ll talk about the problem and how to solve it”, – said the host.

Users of social networks ambiguously reacted to the initiative of a star. Some of them wrote that Borisov did the right thing, reaching out to the girl, troubled. At the same time, others came to the conclusion that the blonde shouldn’t have meddled in the Affairs of another family.