Dana Borisova on his novel: “I was ashamed that I violated my principles…”

Дана Борисова о своем романе: «Мне было стыдно, что я нарушила свои принципы...»
The presenter told about the courtship of a wealthy gentleman.

Dana Borisova

Photo: @Instagram danaborisova_official Dana Borisova

Dana Borisova shared the story of one affair with a very wealthy man, whose name was it left in secret. The gentleman I gifted her with expensive gifts, among which were apartment, car, watch, jewelry.

And instead, according to This, beloved, nothing of it is not required. In a close relationship with her wealthy Beau Borisov, by his own admission, was not involved. The couple developed rapidly: TV presenter almost every week and went with him abroad for vacation, but stayed exclusively in the neighboring rooms.

“One day in a London hotel, we were too close to each other. I was ashamed that I violated your principles… We returned to Moscow, I was told that I need to rest and went with the whole family in Turkey. I still don’t believe that he loved so much that bought a ticket to a nearby Park and watched my every move. But the girl I tell this story, he met another man, looked into his eyes and… gone. In Moscow started the phone calls wealthy partner, long conversations, but in the end, I was left with someone who then became the father of my daughter. Thank God I have Paula, but the tale was ended, the beginning of life… and the goodbyes… I was left alone with her daughter in fact, to this day,” said Dana.

By the way, some time ago, Dana wrote a statement to the police on another one of her ex-boyfriend — Alexander Morozov, accusing him of libel. However, what ended this story, Borisov is not yet told.