Dana Borisova may be drug addicts

Дана Борисова может оказаться наркозависимой
The sad diagnosis was confirmed by the mother Dana Borisova and soon finds out the whole country.

Дана Борисова может оказаться наркозависимой

When daughter Dana Borisova moved to live with her father, immediately raised the suspicion that not all the fault of pneumonia and the desire to give Aksenov to be a good father was talking about Dana, but something more serious. Otherwise, Given just would not give the daughter to the former husband who was not in the best relations.

Дана Борисова может оказаться наркозависимой

And now everything has fallen into place and The mother confirmed that she is a drug addict. A witness to the mother in an unconscious state lying in the hallway, repeatedly became Pauline. She told grandma that mom is in big trouble.

Fly from Perch to call Pauline, Katherine got in touch with Maxim Aksenov, who took the baby, and Dana went for treatment. Katherine admitted that alcoholism she treated Dan in 2010, but did not know that there is a bigger problem.

Дана Борисова может оказаться наркозависимой

The story of the journalist eg.ru told the participant of the show “Let them talk”, where Ekaterina Borisova and told the whole story. The program has not yet aired, it seems that Dana doesn’t even know what happened. From sincere she was surprised when it arrived Andrey Malakhov, Prokhor Chaliapin and Elena Sparrow.

Surprised Dana wrote that does not understand how they have it turned up, but this in all probability was a step towards Dan before about her addiction know the whole country.

It is noteworthy that the problems of This Andrey Malakhov knew two years ago, but then she tearfully persuaded him not to do the transfer.

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