Dana Borisova lost large sums of money

Дана Борисова лишилась крупной суммы денег Unknown person stole a TV presenter 240 thousand rubles. Fraudulently they would discover a Bank card number and code word. Dana Borisova is going to contact the police.

      Дана Борисова лишилась крупной суммы денег

      Popular TV presenter Dana Borisova yesterday was really shocked. The fact that not so long ago a celebrity had decided to sell his Mercedes and waited impatiently for calls to potential buyers. However, instead of wanting to buy a car celebrity TV presenter ran into these scams. Dana was the victim of a theft of large sums of money.Posing as buyers, anonymous managed to trick the star and to find out all the Bank card details.

      “They called me and said that I wanted to buy my car as soon as possible. Explained that they are now in China and transferred the money to my card and then go pick up the car. And asked to tell all details of my card,” complains Borisov.

      Suspecting nothing, Dana has sent information about his map. Moreover, after some time, she allegedly called the Bank and requested some additional information so that she could transfer the money. This does not bother the presenter, despite all the recommendations not to disclose any data to third parties.

      “Just a couple of minutes, I phoned the Bank employee who explained that I want to transfer the money and I need to tell your code word to translate. I called, and literally two minutes from my card, withdrew all the money, and it is 240 thousand rubles,” — said Borisov.

      Дана Борисова лишилась крупной суммы денег

      As LifeNews reports channel, is now Given Borisov intends to write a statement to the police for fraud.

      Apparently, the TV presenter decided to sell the car, which took after a quarrel with her husband Andrey Troshchenko. The star was preparing to divorce her husband and then reported it stolen machine.

      Dana Borisova divorces her husband

      “Three weeks ago, when Danecki was not home, he gathered some of his things, sat down in “Mercedes” of his wife and left in an unknown direction. All this time she tried to contact him. Eventually wrote a statement to the police about the theft. Dana admitted to me that this is a “bullet point” in her marriage. On the days she goes to apply for a divorce”, – told “StarHit” girlfriend TV presenter. But the sad outcome of the story was avoided – just after some time Andrew came back to Dana, and she graciously forgave.

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