Dana Borisova lied close friend

Дана Борисова оболгала близкого друга

Dana Borisova is far from Rossi, in Thailand, where is being treated for drug addiction. The presenter came home one day to resolve some legal issues with his former civilian husband and father of her daughter Polina. In parallel, Dana took part in a talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, broadcast which said that a man podsadecki it on drugs, was Tim Brick.

Дана Борисова оболгала близкого друга
Stylist and TV presenter had been friends for a long time and close. Tim thought that Dane needs to get rid of excess weight and brought her drugs. Borisov claims that had no idea that it was drugs and took them as a tool for weight loss. The result was really astounding – in the fastest time possible she lost seven kilos, but at what cost!
Staying in the Studio talk show Prokhor Chaliapin, a friend and employer of brick, tried to refute the words Given, but Borisov insisted that was naive.
“It was the man who brought me the drugs under the guise of weight loss products. Prokhorov, do not just pretend you don’t know.. I don’t want to make excuses, I really loved Tim, love, adore. But I’m probably not stupid, but I knew that if I smell something, is a drug. But I was far from the topic. And Tim was suggested to me that I’m fat I need to lose weight. To achieve something, I have to be almost 42 pounds. I’m not fat. But I lost him at seven pounds. We together took. It was my first compatibitly” said Dana tried to kill her Prokhor Chaliapin.
“Tim died at the age of 26!!! – do not let Given. – His heart stopped! In 26 years! And what I experienced when saw him in a coffin, God forbid anyone to survive. He died from it. And, Prochorus, gloss over it and say how good he is… He died from this, and I don’t want to die!!!”
In fact, Tim died at the age of 29 from heart failure and his mother was in shock because a close friend of her son all over the country have misrepresented it.

Дана Борисова оболгала близкого друга

Not to throw words, and to use facts, mother tims brick (aka Timothy Shevchenko) published the results of postmortem examination, to establish not only the cause of the premature death of a young man, but the fact that the body of traces of drugs are detected.

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