Dana Borisova left beloved for the sake of Hollywood

Дана Борисова бросила возлюбленного ради Голливуда The TV presenter was invited to the shooting in the United States. No chance, says the star, she can no longer be presented. However, the chosen star Alexander Morozov was against This trip abroad. Choosing between work and personal life, Borisova chose the former.

      40-year-old Dana Borisova recently broke up with her boyfriend – 41-year-old producer and captain of the hockey team “the mosquito” by Alexander Morozov. Immediately after that Borisov decided on a radical change in your appearance, famous blonde dyed her hair black. Fans hardly recognized in the fateful dark-haired beauty your favorite leading. However, some of them found that the new look really suits Dan. However, as recently revealed, Borisova decided to go back to the usual for its followers. She announced in her Instagram.

      Dana Borisov did not recognize in the form of a fatal ladies

      In addition, Dana Borisova revealed the cause of the breakup with her lover. Famous presenter had to choose between your loved one and work. Borisova decided to focus on the second. She also admitted that going back to Morozov his present – a car worth five million rubles.

      “Sasha made me choose between our relationship and career. At this juncture I’m almost from the beginning of his television activities. I worked very hard, and therefore quite in adulthood, and gave birth to a very later married. And here again I faced with the choice,” – said Borisov reporters.

      Recall that recently, Dana received an offer from American filmmakers. The famous blonde was invited to appear in a Hollywood movie. Borisov will play in the Russian student. Leading decided to go to the USA, despite the fact that Alexander Morozov was against it. According to This, the chance may be once in a lifetime. Temptations Los Angiels Borisov are not afraid.

      “Sasha told me that I shouldn’t go there alone. Supposedly, the “City of Angels” too many temptations, because he is friends with the local actors. But on the other hand, when I will star in Hollywood? I was already 40! I really hope that Sasha will understand my condition and try to be in my position. While I choose between love and career,” said Lou Ferrigno.

      To go to the US blonde will have in the long term. Such a requirement for her advanced acting Union. Charming heiress Pauline star will take. Alexander Morozov could not accompany her because he’s in Russia your business and hockey club, said Dana kp.ru.