Dana Borisova left a suicide note

Дана Борисова оставила предсмертную записку
The presenter feared the worst in the unfolding scandal.

Dana Borisova

Photo: @danaborisova_official Instagram

The scandal associated with the novel Dana Borisova and Alexander Morozov, was continued. As it became known, TV presenter filed for his former lover’s statement to the investigation Committee. According to the presenter, captain of the hockey team “mosquito” together with the former participant of the project “Dom-2” — Denis Kozlovich made it in broadcast TV and she decided to deal with it with the help of law enforcement. After that, according to her, she began to receive threats because of what is now seriously fears for the life of his daughter — Polina.

The situation seemed Borisova is so extreme that she even left a suicide “note” in his microblog, in which he wrote the names of those who should be blame in case of tragic accidents. “I ask the public to follow what is happening. Because if God forbid something happens to me or my daughter, I can assume: it will be the work of possibly one of these 2 people or their environment… Please understand that these are not empty fears, and very serious… I’m scared for my daughter and for myself, let’s not allow terrible!” — posted by Dana.

We will remind that scandal between Borisova and Morozov began after he broadcast a popular TV show talked about the fact that Dana supposedly suffering from a serious alcohol addiction and is because of the exemplary mother. The TV star was outraged by the behavior of former boyfriend, and set out with prosecutors to clear his good name.