Dana Borisova is selling personal items from couture

Дана Борисова распродает личные вещи от кутюр The star gets rid of negative memories. Last month Dana Borisova posted on the website free of ads several attractive offers. Celebrity sells fashion items from her wardrobe.
Дана Борисова распродает личные вещи от кутюр

TV presenter Dana Borisova started a new phase in life and resolutely goodbye to all that recalls the past. Recently, the celebrity has decided to sell personal things on a popular free classified ads website. The blonde denies that he had serious financial problems. According to This, she was tired of certain wardrobe items.

Borisov wants to implement two mink coats, high-heeled shoes, ankle boots, tweed suit and coat with a sable collar. The announcement of the sale of clothing and footwear priced from 3800 to 40 thousand rubles appeared online on January 12.

In the cards of the things emphasized that they belonged to Dana Borisova. The star described each of them, reporting the status of items of your wardrobe. So, the fur coat of sheared mink with a hood, designed for the girl rising from 161 to 168 inches, was stitched in a factory in Italy. Dana offers to buy it for 40 thousand rubles.

“Well-known firm, was worth eight thousand dollars. In excellent condition, worn two years, no fading, no upper decorative buttons in rhinestones, but you can buy a new swagger to your taste. The coat, by the way, a personal thing TV presenter Dana Borisova,” reads the product description from sheared mink.
Дана Борисова распродает личные вещи от кутюр

Another mink coat also costs 40 Grand. Borisova bought it in one of the largest Russian shops of clothes for three thousand dollars. “Give with a kiss and a joint photo,” added Dana. In the same amount of celebrity praised and coat famous brand with sable collar and cuffs.

“Noble blue-black color. Elegant form, the bottom-line. Sits wonderfully on the figure, warm. The bottom-line, the length that is necessary, below the knee. Perfect paired with high boots. This individual exclusive line, things are sewed from luxurious materials and sit perfectly. Bought in Gum for 5 thousand euros,” – describes the thing Borisov.
Дана Борисова распродает личные вещи от кутюр

Stiletto 11-inch Dana bought in one of the boutiques of Paris, for $ 1,000. Now TV presenter sells them for 12 thousand rubles. The star wore them only three times. “Give the increase, very sexy. Heel in perfect condition. Personal thing for filming,” – said a celebrity.

The cheapest thing posted Borisov on the Network is a suit of tweed. Dana followed his to order by a fashion designer and wore only a couple of times for shooting. “Soft gray-green color with lots of lurex threads. Skirt length to the knee,” writes the star.

In addition, Dana Borisova sells apartment in a luxury residential complex in Moscow. “I want for it about 30 million, but will give for 25. There the stars live – just downloaded! Elena Sparrow, Presnyakovy the whole family. Me lives Timothy, Garik Martirosyan in the 10th section, Yulia Nachalova – 8th. Take an apartment – you will not regret”, – said the presenter in the broadcast of “You wouldn’t believe!”.

Дана Борисова распродает личные вещи от кутюр
Дана Борисова распродает личные вещи от кутюр

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