Дана Борисова стремительно теряет вес

Preparations for the wedding of Dana Borisova overshadowed by her poor health.

Rumors in recent weeks that the presenter had an affair with an Armenian, shattered her health, which affected her General health. Dana began to rapidly lose weight, which she is not too happy. Keep former Borisov tries with the help of the high-calorie foods, such as butter croissants, pies, cakes, and even pasties with potatoes. And this despite the fact that the caloric value of 100 grams latest close to 400! Fat milk yogurt today, too, to be on her Desk.

It is obvious that The problems are purely psychosomatic in nature, because without the help of a psychologist any attempt to cope with stress for Borisova futile.

“I really want to get back to normal life, because I have the nose wedding and shooting in Hollywood!” – Dana said to the press.

We will remind, couple of days ago, the star of the small screen said that because of special requests of her fiancé, the wedding had to be postponed to early next year. This is due to the busy schedule of the artist, whose beloved Borisova wants to see at the party. We are talking about Valery Meladze.

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