Dana Borisova is rapidly losing weight due to separation from child

Дана Борисова стремительно худеет в разлуке с ребенком The presenter quickly lost weight. Dana said that currently daughter Pauline lives with her father. Yet the successor is not around, the woman is actively engaged in the work. Dana recently tried himself as a producer and PR Manager.

      TV presenter Dana Borisova actively working in a new direction for her: she engaged in public relations and producing talented people. In the beginning of the month her daughter Pauline went to Spain to father Maxim Aksenov. According to celebrity, they were able to resolve issues on the upbringing of the heir, so she quietly allowed her to go on a visit to the former civil wife.

      Previously, Dana tried to bring her daughter. Star mom occasionally let Pauline with her grandmother on vacation, but after a few days always joined them. As admitted woman, she even lost weight because he’s worried about the baby.

      “My beloved and native, is excited to announce that I was all right, only lost six pounds because of a breakup with her daughter, but we in advance had an agreement with Maxim that it takes Paula for 2 months to be a good father. Agree, my daughter was missing daddy, aren’t you? Meanwhile I’m dealing with their production projects, waiting for new players, because as a producer I can, without false modesty,” – said Borisov on the personal page in a social network.

      Subscribers presenter, knowing about her difficult relationship with her ex-husband, even suggested that he just won’t give her back to the mother. “I don’t like the situation with my daughter. Oh, not like that. Dana gullible”, “First Polka dance for the holidays my dad took, now two months,” “Probably, Maxim now does not give a daughter. In connection with this the problems started, that was Given due to stress lost weight,” wrote some followers.

      Previously, Borisov accused Aksyonov that he shows aggression towards her. At the end of August Maxim did not attend the birthday of Pauline.

      “Dad was a little bit confused. Maybe he had financial problems that lasted for about a year. But he drives a Porsche Panamera. Money and no help, we do not see, how actually it. Received 10 thousand rubles for the birthday, although the holiday cost about 100 thousand. He only calls, threatening and throwing tantrums. I texted him the address of the restaurant where there will be a celebration daughter. He only replied: “You’re not a mother and I will talk to you differently. This circus that you made, I’ll remember” – shared TV presenter.