Dana Borisova is going to hide your daughter

Дана Борисова намерена спрятать дочь Now the presenter will become more closed. Dana Borisova has announced that on all topics relating to her family, she puts the castle. However, the star of promises still to tell about his relationship with the mother, considering that for them, as for the series, watching the whole country.
Дана Борисова намерена спрятать дочь

TV presenter Dana Borisova, after spending a few days in Moscow, he returned to Thailand, where previously passed course of treatment from addiction.

During his stay in the capital, Dana was able to realize his dream and after a long separation to see her daughter Polina. However no picture in company with the girl Borisova published in his microblog. Communication with the young heiress gave Dana at rather unexpected conclusions. The media personality announced that she will no longer be publishing photos of his daughter in social networks. Probably Lou Ferrigno realized that publicity and the constant scandals that surround her name, not the best way affects the immature child’s psyche. In his microblog star announced that all topics regarding her family, now will not be imposed on the public.

“I arrived in Samui for three weeks of work to recover after a very difficult trip. The trip to Moscow was very successful. I did everything and more of what was planned. And to prevent unkind statements, I have to say, I left, I told my girl that the main purpose of my meeting, of course, was to spend with her these days. We almost never parted. Photo with my daughter from now on, I don’t post, my family is the most taboo. Except, of course, the theme of relations with Ekaterina, which now, as for the TV series, watching the whole country,” wrote Dana Borisova on his page in Instagram.

We will remind, last week the conflict as a TV presenter and her mother was discussed in the broadcast of the popular talk show. Dana Borisova has publicly said that Ekaterina Ivanovna – a sick man, suffering from alcoholism and experiencing addiction to potent drugs. The celebrity claimed that the mother was mixing alcohol and pills when I was working on the ambulance. According to This, an unhealthy atmosphere in the family could cause her stress and cause further problems in her life. Oil poured into the fire, and the father is This. The man told that the mother gave the daughter a sedative drugs that could lead to the formation of her addiction. Mother Dana Borisova made her drink a sedative drugs

Dana Borisova intends to return to Moscow in late November. It is obvious that viewers are waiting for new revelations and stories about the scandals in the family teledive.