Dana Borisova is getting married

Дана Борисова выходит замуж

The presenter demonstrated engagement ring

Less than two months from the date of divorce, Dana Borisova and Andrei Tishchenko, after being married for just under a year as a TV presenter once again gathered under the crown. She has publicly announced on his page in the social network, a post accompanied by unambiguous photos.

40-year-old Dana posted a picture of the right hand with a gorgeous ring on the ring finger. “How nice to come together in a Menu and choose a funky pair of similar rings. I hope they will bring joy to the last of our years. Friends, let me remind you, I am 40 years old and my companion a little less. He loved me and wants to give all the best daughter in the Mix (9-year-old daughter from a civil marriage with Maxim Aksenov, – approx. Woman’s Day)! It’s so nice”.

Subscribers TV presenter introduced her in a stupor such a hasty decision, but they supported their favorite. “Dana, what’s the rush? Quickly somehow. From Borodina and you marriages are not continued. Not because you’re bad. You are a good, trusting. And want to be loved. But a lot revolves around you scoundrels. Be careful. I wish only happiness and goodness”, “Happiness may finally get registered in the house! You beauty! Make happy any man! The main thing is mutual. I love you! Lots and lots of happiness to you both!”, “A nice ring. Be happy! And a lot of love”, “Live girl for yourself, life is so short, enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t listen to anyone”, “they Say that first marriage to a woman to shock the second she arrived. So, now You must be happy, in other words – parade of love”. About the new chosen Borisova almost nothing is known. The name and occupation of the beloved woman did not disclose. Maybe she’s afraid to startle her happiness?

Although a couple of months ago, she had sworn never to marry again, talking about her divorce with Andrew Tishchenko “All good ends sooner or later, she said then. Yesterday unilaterally by magistrate filed for divorce. Ex-husband with whom you do not communicate with March 9, were busy through the registry office to divorce do not want to. Congratulate me with the end of the first and only in my life for marriage.”

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