Dana Borisova invited Gufa in rehabilitation center

Дана Борисова пригласила Гуфа в реабилитационный центр The TV host turned to the famous rapper. According to The Borisov recovered Guf can be a wonderful example for all addicts. The blonde suggested Alexei Dolmatovo to come to Thailand to relax and discuss all the details.

TV presenter Dana Borisova, who is now in Thailand, has proposed to Alexei Dolmatovo, better known as PFM. Hip-hop performer is experiencing not the best period. The artist has a very strained relationship with her husband ex-lover ISA. According to Gufa, she blocked him on social networks and limited contact with their son Themselves.

The TV presenter wrote an appeal to the Dolmatovo, published online. The blonde suggested Gufw to join forces. According to This, Alex can be a bright example of a person who was able to overcome addiction.

“Dear Guf! I don’t know you, but I admire their creativity. In the center, where I went to rehab, really love you. I think we should be friends. I know in the past you have used. You should know, and I know how hard for us to cope with this addiction and what example we are for hundreds of thousands of dependent people. I would like to offer my friendship, to invite guests to the recovery center. To recover, to relax, to talk about what kind of example we can serve others,” said the star.

Users of social networks ambiguously reacted to the proposal Borisova. According to many, Gough is unlikely to meet the star. They also recalled that the rapper should be preparing for the upcoming battle with Bird. According to the organizer “Versus” Alexander Timartsev, shooting will take place in January. He also reported that the willingness to pay Dolmatovo two million rubles for participating in a duel.

Meanwhile, Svetlana Anokhina publicly humiliated ex-lover Gufa. Businesswoman has recorded a Diss on the rapper in which critical about his work and threatened with a ban on communicating with his son. Debut music video Aziza (nickname ISA) garnered over 1.6 million views on YouTube. However, most of the audience work Anokhina not relished: the roller set about 63 thousand dislikes allowed.

Son Gufa and ISA Anokhina intervened in the conflict parents

Note that Dana Borisova is also experiencing difficulties in relationships. Like Gufw, the star is unable to communicate with the child – daughter Polina. A girl brings Maxim Aksenov. However, the celebrity did not despair. In interviews and social media Borisov tries to emphasize that rehabilitation has made her a completely different person. Now Dana is going to support other people facing the same challenges. Borisov is sure that the Guf will be able to help her in this matter, according to Super.