Dana Borisova hopes to see you soon with daughter

Дана Борисова надеется на скорую встречу с дочерью The presenter claims that the former husband prevents her from seeing her heiress. Recently Dana Borisova was finally allowed to talk to Paulina. The star publicly appealed to the child. According to the woman, she is proud of the successes of girls.
Дана Борисова надеется на скорую встречу с дочерью

TV presenter Dana Borisova is now in Thailand. The woman stays in a rehabilitation center where recovering from addictions. Daughter blonde Polina lives with father Maxim Aksenov. In the summer the court has imposed limits on communication Borisova with the girl, so the star is not so often speaks with the child, as she would have liked.

Recently Dana still allowed to get in touch with Pauline. According to the leader, she spoke with her daughter several weeks. The star was sincere glad to finally hear the voice of girls and see how she’s doing.

“Yesterday, for the first time in a month to talk to you. Girl fairytale girl’s dream. You are the most beautiful and clever in the world! And your mom loves and is proud of you! See you soon,” wrote the blonde in one of the social networks.

Fans Borisova wished her daughter to grow up healthy and happy, the joy of the mother. “You will do it! It’s in our hands”, “you’ll be fine”, “you are Finally together.”, “Congratulations! This is the best day. Life goes on, and it’s beautiful,” “Beauty, all in Danu” – discussing social media users.

The session of the court which established the procedure for the communication Dana Borisova with her daughter, took place in June. First, the TV presenter claimed that she was allowed to speak with his daughter during certain hours and only in the presence of father Maxim Aksanova.

“I would like to say that I’m really struggling with rehabilitation, but despite the excruciating desire to be close to Pauline, I understand that my child needs me healthy, and all the trials I go through. And I believe that Pauline will still be proud of me”, wrote Borisov in the microblog.

However, several hours later, a celebrity cheated on publication. “Just me, the lawyer called and said that the court’s decision is much softer than I actually expected. This is very good news that I can see my daughter whenever I want, and while I go through recovery, she will be fully provided for Maxim’s”, – shared she.

Maxim Aksenov told reporters that asked the court to determine the place of residence of Pauline. According to the businessman, he did not intend to deprive the ex-wife of parental rights and forbid her to speak with the child. In the program “the Secret million dollar” lawyer of the TV presenter Evgeniy Slim said Feldman precludes communication Borisova with her daughter. The lawyer also denied the rumors that blonde is deprived of parental rights.