Dana Borisova hinted at the conclusion of the rehabilitation

Дана Борисова намекнула на завершение реабилитации The presenter said goodbye to the staff of a specialized institution, which is located in Thailand, and reported that returns to Moscow. In the near future, Dana Borisova plans to meet with the star of the 90s by Eugene Wasp.
Дана Борисова намекнула на завершение реабилитации

More than six months the TV presenter Dana Borisova was in Thailand, where he was recovering in one of the specialized agencies. The young woman went abroad after her mother raised the panic. Katherine admitted she worries about the lives and health of his daughter and granddaughter Pauline.

In late November Borisov decided to appeal to the public to share the results of stay in a foreign clinic. The star said that the most successful rehabilitation and return to daily business. As of the publication of This in one of the social networks, they will participate in the TV show. A celebrity will talk about how her life has changed for the last time.

“Good-bye. Thanks for the best seven months of my life that changed me forever and gave my future family and my family. (…) Look at all the screens of the country,” Borisov wrote in a microblog.

Internet users supported the blonde encouraging comments. In their opinion, Dana has really changed and will continue to behave in hands. “Good luck”, “look”, “make it happen”, “I Congratulate you on the victory”, “don’t fall”, “You passed a difficult way. Whatever and no matter what happens, the main thing – the result, it all is built”, “Very beautiful”, “Be wiser! Happiness to you”, “Let the road to a new life will be bright, happy and full of wonderful events and meetings” – commented the fans of the stars.

Previously, Dana Borisova asked the singer Evgeny Osin, who also spent some time in one of the rehabilitation centers of Thailand. According to the presenter, she believes that the stars of the 90s will be able to cope with a destructive addiction. In October, the artist returned to Russia. As it turned out, the contractor was overdue visa, and he needed surgery. Being in another country, Osin received a shoulder injury.

The Chairman of the National anti-drug Union Nikita Lushnikov, which followed the rehabilitation of the stars of the ‘ 90s, told “StarHit” about his condition. According to the man, Osin wanted to continue rehabilitation at home. Lushnikov also spoke about the picture spread all over the Internet. At the resonant photos Eugene is pictured with a bottle in his hand.

Evgeny Osin has apologized for the scandalous photo: “I looked at Georgian wine”

“The experts who are now still with him, reported that the musician was completely sober. I can’t say for sure whether Osin last longer. Yesterday took the bottle, and it is a prerequisite for the breakdown, it is not in the best shape,” said Lushnikov.